What Do I Do For Voice Auditions?

Step 1) Do a warmup. (Vocal Warm-ups)
Step 2) Analyze the photo. (every style choice and accessory choice should effect the voice you choose)
Step 3) Read the full character description. (there could be less obvious attributes in the writing)
Step 4) Unfamiliar words. (ask how to pronouce them before you start recording)
Step 5) Which words will you emphasize/point to? (these choices can change the entire meaning of what you are saying)
Step 6) Find a clear other/focal point. (the more specific, the stronger your acting and choices will be)
Step 7) Decide on the moment before and the goal. Every line is a reaction requested of the character with a goal in mind. (again, be specific)
Step 8) Vary your pitch entry. People tend to start every line on the same pitch. (this will add variance and depth to the character and set your audition apart)
Step 9) (For dubbing) Each syllable is a mouth flap so hit each one clearly and individually. (otherwise they will foresee having to do rewrites)