Voice Acting Workshop at Iolite Studioz 09/2021
Instructors: Bryan Massey, Tyler Walker, Caitlin Glass, and R Bruce Elliott

  • In booth ADR sessions

Voice Acting Workshop at Iolite Studioz 08/2021
Instructors: Bryan Massey and Morgan Laure Garrett

  • In booth ADR sessions

Voice Acting Workshop at StarMan Studios 03/2020
Instructors: Bryan Massey and Anthony Bowling

  • In booth ADR sessions
  • Monologue performances

Voice Over Recording and Auditioning at StarMan Studios 01/2020
Instructors: Kyle Phillips and Jeremy Inman

  • Recording equipment
  • Editing auditions
  • In booth ADR sessions

John Casablancas Center Dallas Instructor 04/2019 – 01/2020
Classes taught: Stage Acting, Screen Acting, Performing, Cosmetics, Runway, Print Modeling, Nutrition, and Exercise.

Anime Dubbing at Sonny Strait Studios 02/2019
Instructors: Sonny Strait and Nathanael Harrison

  • Monologue performances
  • Character building
  • Demo creation
  • In booth ADR sessions

Voice Acting Workshop at StarMan Studios 02/2019
Instructors: Bryan Massey, Rawly Pickens, Colleen Clinkenbeard, and Cris George

  • Monologue performances
  • In booth ADR sessions
  • Don’t hold back
  • Trust the director
  • Just keep going

Voice Acting 101 at Waxacon 11/2018
Instructor: Chuck Huber

  • Warm-up techniques
  • Character depth
  • Act first, voices take time

John Casablancas Center Dallas Graduate 08/2018
Instructors: Tim Taylor, Jay Nuzum, and Zuri Lokken

  • Stage acting
  • Screen acting
  • Performing
  • Cosmetics
  • Runway
  • Print modeling

Voice Acting for Beginners at Okratron 5000 05/2018
Instructors: Chris Rager, Joel McDonald, and Monica Rial

  • Audition etiquette
  • In booth ADR sessions
  • Shows vs video games
  • Effort, exertion, and reaction sounds

Glee Club at Dallas College Eastfield Campus 2011-2012

  • Live stage performances as an Alto/Mezzo

Talent6 Dallas Graduate, 2008

  • Runway
  • Print modeling

Theatre at Dr. John Horn HS 2007-2010
Instructors: Glenn Bennett and Nicole Malone

  • Script creation and dissection
  • Stage acting

Choir at Dr. John Horn HS 2006-2010
Instructors: Casey McCollough and Jeffrey Bowling

  • Scales
  • Reading sheet music
  • Live choir performances as an Alto

Explore Talent Dallas Graduate, 2006
Instructor: James Warrick

  • Print modeling
  • Runway

Dance at Broadway Dance Center 2004-2010

  • Hip Hop
  • Modern
  • Jazz

Choir at Balch Springs Christian Academy 1997-2004