Represented by The Horne Agency

Erica Muse is best known for her acting and costuming. She began making costumes in 2005 and acting on stage in 2007. She feels these passions grew, in part, due to being bullied in school. “No one bullied me when I was out of school making costumes, modeling, acting, or performing, because we all had similar dreams!” Her first time on a production set was in 2008 as a tornado victim for F-5, followed by providing wardrobe for Wraith in 2012. After a realization in 2018, she turned her passions towards voice acting, landing her first voice acting role in 2019 as Evelyn in The Lottery. She can now be heard in anime, video games, podcasts, web series, and other projects, and be spotted in several films, shows, music videos, and commercials.

At just 8-years-old, she fell in love with costumes while watching her father make his own for Halloween. She began sewing with him at age 12, and begged her mother to let her go to AnimeFest simply because she knew her brother had worn a costume to it. In 2006, she attended her first anime convention Anime Fest as a Lisa Frank inspired neko. Not only was she allowed to wear just about anything, people even appreciated it. After having a school uniform her entire life, conventions quickly became her favorite place to be. Erica attended a private grade school where she had been in choir since age 5, but transferred to a public school and joined theatre in high school after seeing her first musical West Side Story. She found a new passion through acting, which led her to joining some groups online and doing background work on sets. Summer after graduation, she was awarded Best Supporting Actress by the Irving Community Theater for her performance as Bethany in I Wished I Had Waited. She then shifted her focus to college, waitressing her way through two semesters before taking a bartending class. The instructor was a videographer looking for extras for music videos. Among them, she appeared in videos with Rhymin’ N’ Stealin’ where she became friends with Josh Martin. She graduated in 2012 juggling jobs to make ends meet while pursuing modeling and acting. Two years later, her father was struck by a truck on his motorcycle. She accepted a full-time position with a company and took care of him until he recovered.

In 2016, Erica was asked to guest at a convention as a cosplayer for the first time. This was a path she had not previously considered, but happily pursued. While guesting at conventions, she crossed paths with Josh Martin again and discovered he was the voice of Majin Buu from the Dragon Ball franchise. She suddenly realized she could be a voice for anime, video games, and cartoons like the ones she grew up with. He referred her to Chris Rager’s class, where she was advised to attend improvisation classes due to her time away from formal acting. She graduated from John Casablancas Center in 2018 and gained agency representation. While she enjoys every field in the entertainment industry, her dream is to voice characters in anime, video games, and cartoons. “I believe people rely on these mediums to make them laugh, learn, or cry, and share those times with friends and family. I want to be a part of that!” In pursuit, she has attended workshops at OkraTron 5000, StarMan Studios, Sonny Strait Studios, and countless convention panels by Funimation and Gearbox talent. She became a full-time talent working in commercials, voice-over, print, and film in February of 2020.


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