Upcoming Appearances

All-Con: Voice Actor Panelist / Cosplay Judge, March 16th-19th, 2023

Took a break from submitting to focus on my acting career, but please feel free to recommend me to your local conventions and events if you want to meet me. I’d love to meet you!


My autograph prices are very reasonable since I just want to be a part of what made my experience at conventions so great growing up, but I do have to make sure I am making a profit from conventions since it takes my time away from auditions and other gigs. My current requested guarantee is $500 for a 3 day convention, in addition to travel, room, and board. To book me, email booking@powelltalent.com. Thank you so much for your consideration!

Previous Appearances

Popular Panels:

Intro to Voice/On-Screen Acting:

Ever thought about voice acting? I can help you out with a good place to start. We’ll walk through how I started and the classes and workshops I have taken. I will break down those classes, which ones to take for what reasons, share helpful free resources for pursuing acting, and good etiquette. I have been full-time since February of 2020, abruptly un-full-time March of 2020, then full-time again since October of 2021. I would love to share how I got there, and answer any questions you have.

Broadcast Quality Remote Recording VO:

Thinking about voice acting, but the terminology and equipment is overwhelming? I’m here to help. Let’s talk what broadcast quality means, what studios look for, and some of the best ways to get your setup up to snuff. I have been recording remote since September of 2021 and running an in-home studio since January of 2022.

Convention Guesting:

How long have you cosplayed or what characters do you voice? What genre or franchise? Could you be a guest? That’s all up to you, but I can show you how to start applying, and good etiquette. I delve into what will set you apart as a professional even if you haven’t quite grown your following yet, how to market yourself, and how to apply yourself when looking to represent a company or convention for sponsorship. I will outline things you can bring to the table, how to offer it to the convention, and things to be sure to ask. Let’s remove any guess work and headaches for you and the events or companies you work with.

Open Q&A/AMA:

Ask me ANYTHING! (professionally related – cosplay, acting, etc.) I’ve been making costumes since 2005, cosplaying since Anime Fest 2006, acting on stage since 2007, acting in film since 2008, working on convention staff since 2008, guesting at conventions with companies since 2011, cosplay competing since 2014, cosplay guesting since 2017, voice acting since 2019, guest managing since 2021, and guesting as a voice actor since 2022.

Guests After Dark:

An 18+ panel, usually after 8pm, where guests (cosplayers, actors, etc) are selected to be panelists and asked questions by the audience. The panelists give their answers, and the audience votes for their favorite answer. That panelist will then select a panelist to take a drink and read a line from a show as a character from another show.