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  • Making Patterns and Using Patterns: I take current projects from the audience and show how I would pattern it by taking a volunteer and using saran wrap, duct tape, and a sharpie. I also delve into how to assess and use store bought patterns, and which fabrics to use.
  • Intro to Acting and Modeling: I start off by walking through how I started and the classes and workshops I have taken. I will break down those classes, which ones to take for what reasons, and share helpful free resources for pursuing fields in acting and/or modeling.
  • Cosplaying Professionally: This is a walk-through guide to cosplaying professionally. I delve into what will set you apart as a professional even if you haven’t quite grown your following yet, how to market yourself, and how to apply yourself when looking to represent a company for sponsorship or guest at a convention. I will outline things you can bring to the table, and how to offer it to the convention.
  • Open Q&A
  • Cosplay After Dark: An 18+ panel, usually after 8pm, where cosplayers are selected to be panelists and asked questions by the audience. The panelists give their answers, and the audience votes for their favorite answer. That panelist is then allowed to assign a drink to the panelist of their choice.