Liaison Services

Need a Liaison?

I am happy to take over the responsibility of contacting all guests and panelists, gathering and compiling information, obtaining signed forms, and scheduling panels, autographs, photo ops, and events. With your outline in mind, I will take all of this off of your shoulders so you can focus on sponsors, vendors, the venue, promotions, etc. I will also act as customer service if there are, heaven forbid, any issues at all among the guests and staff, set up, tear down, parking, etc. It is a flat rate of $100 per day that your convention runs, but I would be working long before and after the convention to ensure everything is ready in a timely manner and runs smoothly. For booking, please contact me here.

Looking for Guests?

Through my years in attendance of many conventions and my experience in the entertainment industry, I have grown to know many guests. These people are all amazing personalities, and I am proud to recommend them for your event. Final decisions are determined by the guests or their agents. For booking, please contact me here.


Bryan Massey


Celestial Ferret – Sketch and Graphic Artist

EdMed Art – Comic and Cartoon Artist

Jonathan Miller Art – Sketch and Graphic Artist

Lhars Ebersold – Painter, Sculptor, and Body Paint Artist

Lucky 13 Art & Cosplay – Painter

Trixie Doll Draws – Sketch Artist


Cause To Play

Heroic Inner Kids

Comedy Panelists

Franco Cosplay Comedy



Bluechatterbox Cosplay

Bunny Teeths Cosplay

Clockwork Heart Cosplay

Frostbite Cosplay

Lost Things Cosplay

Lucky 13 Art & Cosplay

Maddy Lea AKA Lil Beastie

MCubed Cosplay

Mystix Panda

Red Stone Dreamery

Rikki Cosplay

Sarah Bellum Cosplay

Scarlet Muse Cosplay

Sword Gaijin – Also, martial arts instructor.

Trinity Roze Cosplay

WinRaven – Also, fight choreographer.

Game Show Panelists

The Rantcor Pit


Allen Lash

Andy Fulfer Ward

Cosplay and Cons Magazine

Deep Shadows Pictures

Firebird Images

Kurtz Frausun

Photo Brand Cosplay

Tminus7 Photography


Dallas Geek

The Rantcor Pit


Christopher R. Mihm


Dallas Geek

Neo Stag Journal